SpiderCloud Live With Vodafone

February 24, 2012

At SpiderCloud, we have been very quiet for the last year, but very busy. Keeping our heads down and working closely with Vodafone, we have managed to solve a problem that no one else has managed to solve – building a small-cell network inside a large office building. Our solution is now live with Vodafone.

Many companies have built consumer femtocells and some of them have “enterprise” versions of consumer femtocells that offer higher power and capacity. Still, these enterprise femtocells work as isolated cells. Carefully deployed, an operator can use two or three of them in a building, but no one has managed to build out a building with even five of them working together. One femtocell company has proposed a “femtocells grid” but the grid requires two 5 MHz channels to operate, making it unattractive to any major mobile operator. According to Informa, almost two million femtocells were shipped by the end of 2011, yet hardly any of them is solving the problem of providing coverage and capacity to buildings larger than ten thousand square feet.

SpiderCloud is making small cells work for busy office buildings, with its unique controller-based architecture. Our commercial deployment support

  • Thousands of calls per day with hundreds of thousands of handovers, and <1% call drops
  • Self-organizing dense deployments, in multi-storey buildings with open floor plans
  • Enterprise-friendly installation, with just one IPSec tunnel to mobile operator’s core
  • Single point of provisioning and ongoing, remote, management
  • Integration with the enterprise’s intranet
  • Plus, a comprehensive set of features that makes it possible for mobile devices to select the small cell system when they enter, to handout to GSM/3G networks, get service priority and more…

SpiderCloud’s largest commercial deployment today has almost 60 small cells, covers over 450,000 square feet and supports thousands of commercial users every day. Learn more about our breakthrough technology at www.spidercloud.com, or feel free to contact us.

Amit Jain
VP, Product Management.

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