Pokémon GO NEEDS Systems Integrators!

August 1, 2016

We have a crisis level need to bring indoor cellular services to everyone. Situations like this (at 21 seconds the reporter is complaining about poor cellular signal) in the hallowed halls of the US State Department need to be addressed. Because 80% of usage is indoors nowadays, poor cellular service is a serious impediment to Pokémon GO, and ahem, business productivity.

As part of SpiderCloud’s efforts to address these critical concerns, we announced a Partner Program last week so the legions of Systems Integrators across the United States who have trained and experienced E-RAN personnel can be identified by both mobile operators and enterprises alike.

If you’re a Systems Integrator interested in joining our program, or are a mobile operator/enterprise IT person seeking qualified Systems Integrators, please go here.

So, make the indoor experience better for Pokémon GO, and business productivity with SpiderCloud.

Pro-tip: it is not wise to play Pokémon GO while seated in the front row of internationally covered press conferences. Pokémon Wiki

– Art King, Director of Enterprise Services & Technologies
Twitter: @ArtKingg
Visit our Enterprise IT site @ http://SpiderCloud.com/EInsider

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