“Build it and they will come” still holds true for mobile broadband networks

October 26, 2015

if-youbuildDemand for mobile data keeps growing. Smart mobile operators no longer want to offload their subscribers to unmanaged and unsecure Wi-Fi, they want to keep them. Hey, one can’t claim to be a mobile service provider for long, if the business plan is to not service one’s subscribers, right? Imagine, if an airline sold you an air ticket from San Francisco to New York, but got you to Philly instead,  and offloaded you to a bus to Chinatown in New York (one with a really, really fast driver, and free Wi-Fi!).

That is why SpiderCloud has built a system that one operator recently described as having “too much capacity!” Want to know more? Here is a series of recent blog posts…

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– Amit Jain, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management
– Art King, SpiderCloud Wireless, Director of Enterprise Services & Technologies

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